Cision Realty – Main Street Property Management
with Wall Street Know How
Main Street Property Management
with Wall Street Know How

Data Driven
We have paired the best people with the best technology to provide better services and make the right decisions by utilizing our proprietary software.
Aligned Incentives
We pay 10% of your maintenance and refund 25% of your placement fee if a tenant moves out before 3 years. When it costs you, it costs us…now that is alignment of interests.
Built on Trust
Reputation is everything, Honesty, quality and transparency is at our core. The property management business is ripe for a shakeup and Cision is leading the change.
Cision was born out of the institutional buy up of distressed properties. We know a thing or two about managing over 12,000 single family homes and bring that expertise and network of maintenance vendors and marketing providers to help retain tenants and lower costs.
Cision is bringing new tech and great service to
property management with our suite of mobile
apps and products that allow us to:

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